Millbrook & Cavan Historical Society

The objectives of the Society are:

  • to encourage the study of all phases of the history, life, and customs of Millbrook, Cavan and the surrounding district,
  • to arouse interest in the past by collecting and disseminating historical information through meetings, exhibits, lectures, papers, books, and electronic media,
  • to mark in a suitable manner points of historic interest throughout the area,
  • to collect and preserve historical artifacts, documents, manuscripts, and other material relative to the history and development of the area, and
  • to establish and maintain an historical museum.

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Self Guided Walking Tour

You are invited to enjoy the two self-guided tours described in the brochure.  Both tours start at Needler's Mill.

There are 44 properties in Millbrook designated as historically significant under the Ontario Heritage Act, and many others of interest.  This brochure highlights just some of these.  We invite you to explore and enjoy all Millbrook and the Township of Cavan Monaghan has to offer.



 Needler's Mill - is the third mill at this location, and is part of what was the Cedar Valley mill, built by Adam Scott several kilometres downstream in 1830.  It was moved to the site after a fire destroyed the Millbrook mill in 1909.  The Needler family owned both mills, having bought Scott's Mill in 1852 and the Deyell Mill in 1857.  While what remained of the mill at Cedar Valley fell into disrepair and was dismantled in 1952, Needler's Mill continued to operate as a flour and grist mill and sawmill until 1974.  The machinery was powered by water flowing through the penstock from the pond, and the wooden turbine is still in place.

37 King Street East - The Robert Deyell House, built in about 1870 by the son of John Deyell, is in the Queen Anne Revival Style.  The original property featured a tennis court ad summer house fronting on Dufferin St. at the rear of the property.  The house was a private residence until 1945 when it was used as a funeral home, with various owners, until 1972.  It was then converted back to a family residence.


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