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The Planning Department provides assistance to members of Council and the public in matters related to land use in the Township of Cavan Monaghan.

Needler's Mill and Old Town HallThe Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing provides an in-depth look at the various types of planning applications and information ranging from The Planning Act to Official Plans, Subdivisions, Zoning By-laws, Land Severances, and the Ontario Municipal Board. To view this information, visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website.


   Applications and Fees   

Land Severance applications and Subdivision Approvals are processed by the County of Peterborough.  The County provides a severance proposal review free of charge.  Severance information, forms and fees are available on the County of Peterborough web site.

How Can I Use My Property? - Zoning By-law

How your property can be used, including where and what buildings are permitted, is determined by your property zone in addition the approval of applicable agencies.  Properties are either regulated by Cavan-Millbrook-North Monaghan Zoning By-law 2004-62, as amended, or the Oak Ridges Moraine Zoning By-law 2006-18.   Please note that the zoning by-law is continually being amended by Council through housekeeping changes and site specific amendments.  The zoning by-laws provided here are for general information only and you should contact Planning Department Staff for the most recent site specific information.

Cavan Monaghan Planning Department Land Use Inquiry (Form)

Cavan-Millbrook-North Monaghan Zoning By-law No. 2004-62, as amended -

Schedule A Part 1, Schedule A Part 2

Oak Ridges Moraine Zoning By-law No 2006-18, Schedule A, Schedule D, Schedule E

Current Projects

Kennedy Road (Thomas) Subdivision

Cameron Subdivision (Ida) - Supporting Documentation

 Towerhill Subdivision

Downtown Milbrook Revitalization Project

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee meets monthly to discuss issues of historical and cultural importance to the Township in accordance with the Committee's Terms of Reference. The Committee consists of four members of the community, two council members, and two staff members (one acting as Committee secretary). Appointments to the Committee are made at the beginning of each Council term.

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