Each year the Municipality is responsible for determining the costs of providing services to residents in the form of a budget. The budget comprises estimated revenues and expenditures for the Municipality for a given year. The budget serves as a guide for Council and Staff to ensure they are providing services in an effective and efficient manner.

2019 Budget Notice

Operating Budget

The Operating Budget is the plan for the day-to-day operations of the Municipality including salaries, materials and supplies.

Capital Budget

The Capital Budget is the annual plan for the purchase and financing for the Municipality capital assets which include infrastructure, land, buildings, machinery and equipment.

2019 Budget Information

2017 Reserves and Development Charge Reserve Funds (Audited)

Prior Year Budgets

2018 Budget
2017 Budget 
2016 Budget
2015 Budget
2014 Budget
2013 Budget
2012 Budget
2011 Budget
2010 Budget

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