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Whether you are exploring our rural heritage,supporting our stores and industries,
or building your home or your sustainable business,you can "Have it all. Right here."

The Township of Cavan Monaghan and its Council is committed to conducting business in an open and transparent manner.

I encourage you to contact any member of Staff or Council should you require further information about Cavan Monaghan.

Scott McFadden, Mayor

Agendas, Meetings and Minutes or Livestream Council Meetings

Individuals who submit letters and other information to Council members should be aware that any personal information contained within their communications may become part of the public record and may be made available through the agenda process which includes publication on the Township's website. For additional information please contact the Clerks Department at 705-932-2929.

Council Code of Conduct By-law No. 2018-10

The Township may make or provide for recording of Regular & Special Council
Meetings as per the Live Stream Policy.

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 Mayor Scott


Twitter: @aroundthetwp

Deputy Mayor Matthew Graham









Ward Councillor

 Cathy Moore




Ward Councillor

Ryan Huntley 705-760-1476

North Monaghan

Ward Councillor

 Tim Belch 705-742-3185

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