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The Township of Cavan Monaghan has been host to many film productions including Music Man, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, Town Christmas Forgot and Rewind.

The Township of Cavan Monaghan encourages filming and photography projects within the Municipality and issues permits for approved projects. 

 The Township of Cavan Monaghan recognizes the direct and indirect economic benefits to the community associated with the film and television industry.

Pre-approval of projects ensure that Township property and the rights, safety and privacy of the citizens of the Township of Cavan Monaghan are protected, while supporting this industry.

A number of factors must be considered before approval is granted, including:

  • Liability insurance
  • Impact of filming on residents and businesses

  • Disruption of traffic
  • Number of production vehicles, cast and crew
  • Stunts or special effects

The Film Policy provides guidelines for the assessment and co-ordination of commercial filming projects.

For additional information: Contact: Brigid Ayotte at The Municipal Office - Phone:(705) 932-9339 or by e-mail

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