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Downtown Millbrook Revitalization Project

Downtown Millbrook Revitalization Committee
Minutes and Agendas

Background Information

Downtown Revitalization (DR) is a process of improving the economic, physical and social well-being of a community's traditional town centre by:

  • Strengthening local business and encouraging investment by building and property owners
  • Creating enjoyable public streets and spaces animated by a variety of creative and civic activities
  • Providing work and living opportunities for residents

The Downtown Revitalization Strategy was formally adopted by Council on July 3, 2013.

OMAFRA's "four point approach" yields tangible short-term results as well as fosters a long-term commitment that covers:

  1. Economic Development - assisting merchants in targeting new customer/market segments and identifying new businesses that complement the downtown mix
  2. Leadership and Management - activities that include various organizations to ensure the process is sustainable and that volunteers are celebrated and renewed
  3. Marketing and Promotion - the identity and positive image of the downtown is communicated and that activities animate the downtown
  4. Physical improvements - restoring facades, streetscaping, parking, safe, walkable communities

Action planning in these areas is based on a comprehensive Downtown Market Analysis involving the use of several analytical tools.

  • Building and Business Inventory - identify commercial space and heritage buildings
  • Business Owners Survey - learn local business owners ideas for the downtown
  • Residents Survey - what visitors would like to see downtown, why they do and do not visit the downtown
  • Business Mix Analysis - Identify the function of your downtown, niches clusters and opportunities
  • Trade Area Analysis - where are your downtown shoppers coming from and what are their buying habits

Township Beautification Program

The Township Beautification Program is designed to increase public enjoyment and participation in the Township's parks, trails and Downtown Millbrook. Donations of personal use property such as benches, flower planters, bicycle racks etc. make great gifts to your community. Best of all, your donation helps support making this Community more beautiful

If you would like to make a donation please review the Township Beautification Policy and/or contact our Economic & Community Development Co-ordinator for further details.  Brigid Ayotte 705-932-9339 or by e-mail

Township Beautification Application Form




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