Towerhill Subdivision

Posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015

Towerhill Developments Inc. submitted plan of subdivision and zoning by-law amendment applications to Peterborough County and the Township of Cavan Monaghan. The lands subject to the applications are located in part of Lot 12, Concession 5 of the Cavan Ward. The lands are located at the southwest intersection of Fallis Line and County Road 10. 

Peterborough County is the approval authority for the plan of subdivision application.  The Township of Cavan Monaghan is the approval authority for the zoning by-law  amendment application. 

Plan of Subdivision

The lands subject to the plan of subdivision application are approximately 38.89 hectares (96.09 acres) in size. The proposed plan of subdivision consists of three hundred and forty five (345) units/lots, one (1) servicing block, one (1) parkland block, three (3) open space blocks, one (1) stormwater management block, two (2) environmental protection blocks, two (2) road widening blocks, and three (3) 0.3 metres (1 foot) reserve blocks. The development is proposed to be serviced by full municipal services. Access to the development will be provided through the creation of internals roads ‘A’ to ‘K’. The road allowances are 20 metres (66 feet) and 18 metres (59 feet) wide. The pavement widths will be 10 metres (33 feet) and 8.5 metres (28 feet) respectively.

The subdivision proposal includes 70 townhouse units with 7.6 metre (25 foot) lot frontages, 55 single detached units with 10.7 metre (35 foot) lot frontages, 123 single detached units with 13.7 metre (45 foot) lot frontages and 97 single detached units with 15.8 metre (52 foot) lot frontages. The parkland block is 0.75 hectares (1.85 acres) in size. The landscaped block along County Road 10 is approximately 0.11 hectares (0.27 acres) in size.

A landscape plan is to be provided for the parkland and landscaped strip block. A pedestrian connection (trail or sidewalk) will be provided in the landscaped strip to provide access from the subdivision lands to the multi-use trail on County Road 10. The trail will be 3 metres (10 feet) wide.

The stormwater management facility is located on a block at the south end of the subdivision. The block is approximately 2.58 hectares (6.37 acres) in size. The facility will outlet to an existing drainage ditch on the north side of the former railway lands north of Brookside Street.

A copy of the draft plan of subdivision is provided as Attachment No. 2 to this Report. A full size copy of the draft plan is available for review in the Planning Department. Zoning By-law Amendment An amendment to the Township of Cavan-Millbrook-North Monaghan Zoning By-law No. 2004-62, as amended, is required to facilitate the development of the residential plan of subdivision.

The proposed zoning by-law amendment will change the zoning on the subject lands to permit the proposed residential development. Some of the lands will be rezoned to a Residential Type One Exception Zone and the Residential Type Three Exception Zone to recognize the type of residential use and to reflect the lot area, frontage, setback, lot coverage and landscaped open space requirements for the lots. The parkland, open space blocks and stormwater management pond will be rezoned to an Open Space Zone. The Environmental Protection Areas will be zoned the Hazard Lands (H) Zone.

A holding provision (h) will be applied to the residential zone categories. The holding (h) provision will be removed once all of the conditions of draft plan approval have been satisfied. A complete copy of the draft zoning by-law amendment is provided as Attachment No. 3 to this Report.

Supporting Documentation

To support the applications, Towerhill submitted a number of technical reports. The reports are listed as attachments to this notice and include:

1. A Planning Justification Report;

2. A Traffic Impact Assessment;

3. Geotechnical Investigation Report;

4. Functional Servicing Report; (a copy of this report is available to view at the Township office in the Planning Department)

5. Environmental Impact Study; and

6. Stage 1-2 Archaeological Assessment.


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